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#include <tcl.h>
#include <expat.h>

struct TclGenExpatInfo;

typedef void (*CHandlerSet_userDataReset)(Tcl_Interp *interp, void *userData);
typedef void (*CHandlerSet_userDataFree)(Tcl_Interp *interp, void *userData);
typedef void (*CHandlerSet_parserReset)(XML_Parser parser, void *userData);
typedef void (*CHandlerSet_initParse)(const struct TclGenExpatInfo *expat,
                                      void *userData);

typedef struct CHandlerSet {
    struct CHandlerSet *nextHandlerSet;
    char *name;                     /* refname of the handler set */
    int ignoreWhiteCDATAs;          /* ignore 'white' CDATA sections */

    void *userData;                 /* Handler set specific Data Structure;
                                       the C handler set extention has to
                                       malloc the needed structure in his
                                       init func and has to provide a
                                       cleanup func (to free it). */

    CHandlerSet_userDataReset        resetProc;
    CHandlerSet_userDataFree         freeProc;
    CHandlerSet_parserReset          parserResetProc;
    CHandlerSet_initParse            initParseProc;

    /* C func for element start */
    XML_StartElementHandler          elementstartcommand;
    /* C func for element end */
    XML_EndElementHandler            elementendcommand;
    /* C func for character data */
    XML_CharacterDataHandler         datacommand;
    /* C func for namespace decl start */
    XML_StartNamespaceDeclHandler    startnsdeclcommand;
    /* C func for namespace decl end */
    XML_EndNamespaceDeclHandler      endnsdeclcommand;
    /* C func for processing instruction */
    XML_ProcessingInstructionHandler picommand;
    /* C func for default data */
    XML_DefaultHandler               defaultcommand;
    /* C func for unparsed entity declaration */
    XML_NotationDeclHandler          notationcommand;
    /* C func for external entity */
    XML_ExternalEntityRefHandler     externalentitycommand;
    /* C func for unknown encoding */
    XML_UnknownEncodingHandler       unknownencodingcommand;
    /* C func for comments */
    XML_CommentHandler               commentCommand;
    /* C func for "not standalone" docs */
    XML_NotStandaloneHandler         notStandaloneCommand;
    /* C func for CDATA section start */
    XML_StartCdataSectionHandler     startCdataSectionCommand;
    /* C func for CDATA section end */
    XML_EndCdataSectionHandler       endCdataSectionCommand;
    /* C func for <!ELEMENT decl's */
    XML_ElementDeclHandler           elementDeclCommand;
    /* C func for <!ATTLIST decl's */
    XML_AttlistDeclHandler           attlistDeclCommand;
    /* C func for <!DOCTYPE decl's */
    XML_StartDoctypeDeclHandler      startDoctypeDeclCommand;
    /* C func for <!DOCTYPE decl ends */
    XML_EndDoctypeDeclHandler        endDoctypeDeclCommand;
    /* C func for <?XML decl's */
    XML_XmlDeclHandler               xmlDeclCommand;
    /* C func for <!ENTITY decls's */
    XML_EntityDeclHandler            entityDeclCommand;
} CHandlerSet;

|   The structure below is used to refer to an event handler set
|   of tcl scripts.

typedef struct TclHandlerSet {
    struct TclHandlerSet *nextHandlerSet;
    char *name;                     /* refname of the handler set */
    int status;                     /* handler set status */
    int continueCount;            /* reference count for continue */
    int ignoreWhiteCDATAs;          /* ignore 'white' CDATA sections */

    Tcl_Obj *elementstartcommand;      /* Script for element start */
    Tcl_ObjCmdProc *elementstartObjProc;
    ClientData      elementstartclientData;
    Tcl_Obj *elementendcommand;        /* Script for element end */
    Tcl_ObjCmdProc *elementendObjProc;
    ClientData      elementendclientData;
    Tcl_Obj *datacommand;            /* Script for character data */
    Tcl_ObjCmdProc *datacommandObjProc;
    ClientData      datacommandclientData;
    Tcl_Obj *startnsdeclcommand;       /* Script for namespace decl start */
    Tcl_Obj *endnsdeclcommand;         /* Script for namespace decl end */
    Tcl_Obj *picommand;              /* Script for processing instruction */
    Tcl_Obj *defaultcommand;         /* Script for default data */
    Tcl_Obj *notationcommand;        /* Script for notation declaration */
    Tcl_Obj *externalentitycommand;    /* Script for external entity */
    Tcl_Obj *unknownencodingcommand;   /* Script for unknown encoding */
    Tcl_Obj *commentCommand;           /* Script for comments */
    Tcl_Obj *notStandaloneCommand;     /* Script for "not standalone" docs */
    Tcl_Obj *startCdataSectionCommand; /* Script for CDATA section start */
    Tcl_Obj *endCdataSectionCommand;   /* Script for CDATA section end */
    Tcl_Obj *elementDeclCommand;       /* Script for <!ELEMENT decl's */
    Tcl_Obj *attlistDeclCommand;       /* Script for <!ATTLIST decl's */
    Tcl_Obj *startDoctypeDeclCommand;  /* Script for <!DOCTYPE decl's */
    Tcl_Obj *endDoctypeDeclCommand;    /* Script for <!DOCTYPE decl ends */
    Tcl_Obj *xmlDeclCommand;           /* Script for <?XML decl's */
    Tcl_Obj *entityDeclCommand;        /* Script for <!ENTITY decl's */
} TclHandlerSet;

typedef struct expatElemContent {

    XML_Content             *content;
    struct expatElemContent *next;

} ExpatElemContent;

typedef struct TclGenExpatInfo {
    XML_Parser  parser;       /* The expat parser structure */
    Tcl_Interp *interp;       /* Interpreter for this instance */
    Tcl_Obj    *name;         /* name of this instance */
    int final;                /* input data complete? */
    int needWSCheck;            /* Any handler set has ignoreWhiteCDATAs==1? */
    int status;               /* application status */
    Tcl_Obj *result;          /* application return result */
    const char *context;        /* reference to the context pointer */  
    Tcl_Obj *cdata;             /* Accumulates character data */ 
    ExpatElemContent *eContents;/* As linked list, the reported XML_Content's*/
    int      ns_mode;           /* namespace mode */
    XML_Char nsSeparator;

    TclHandlerSet *firstTclHandlerSet;
    CHandlerSet *firstCHandlerSet;
} TclGenExpatInfo;

|   Function prototypes

#if defined(_MSC_VER)

EXTERN int TclExpatObjCmd _ANSI_ARGS_((ClientData dummy,
                                       Tcl_Interp *interp,
                                       int objc, Tcl_Obj *CONST objv[]));
EXTERN int CheckExpatParserObj _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_Interp *interp,
                                            Tcl_Obj *CONST nameObj));
EXTERN int CHandlerSetInstall _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_Interp *interp,
                                           Tcl_Obj *CONST expatObj,
                                           CHandlerSet *handlerSet));
EXTERN int CHandlerSetRemove _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_Interp *interp,
                                          Tcl_Obj *CONST expatObj,
                                          char *handlerSetName));
EXTERN CHandlerSet * CHandlerSetCreate _ANSI_ARGS_((char *name));
EXTERN CHandlerSet * CHandlerSetGet _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_Interp *interp,
                                               Tcl_Obj *CONST expatObj,
                                               char *handlerSetName));
EXTERN void * CHandlerSetGetUserData _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_Interp *interp,
                                               Tcl_Obj *CONST expatObj,
                                               char *handlerSetName));

EXTERN TclGenExpatInfo * GetExpatInfo _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_Interp *interp,
                                                   Tcl_Obj *CONST expatObj));

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