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an XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT implementation for Tcl
tDOM contains:
* the newest version of Expat, the XML parser from James Clark,
including namesspace and DTD support.
* a modified version of Steve Ball's Tclexpat, the Tcl interface to
expat, for event-like (SAX-like) XML parsing. The modifications
are for performance improvements, to make the newest Expat
features (XML namespace) available and for some additional features.
* a (partial) DOM I and II implementation in C for maximum
performance and minimum memory need following the W3C DOM Core
Level 1 recommendation using a OO-like syntax.
* a very complete, compliant and fast XPath implementation in C
following the November 99 W3C recommendation.
* a fast XSLT implementation in C following the W3C Recommendation
16 November 1999.
* a (partial) implementation in C of the XPointer (97) navigational
* UTF-8 to 8 bit encoding back conversion functionality to support
Tcl version < 8.1x
* optional DTD validation
* additional convenience methods
* documentation in TMML, HTML and nroff formats
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